webinario preterito perfecto
Webinar: Pretérito perefecto
Join the last FREE webinar with On-Español before we take our summer break! The 45-minute interactive online Spanish lesson will
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webinario ser estar advanced
Webinar: Ser-estar advanced
The rules for ‘Ser’ and ‘estar’ are one of the most difficult ones to perfect when you are a non-native
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Webinar: Pretérito imperfecto
It’s time to review an important Spanish tense: the past progressive (pretérito imperfecto). In this free, online and interactive Spanish
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webinario adjetivos y pronombres indefinidos
Webinar: Adjetivos y pronombres indefinidos
If you’re just starting out learning Spanish, our star teacher Jaume will be covering the use of ‘nothing, something, and
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webinar verbos de cambio
Webinar: Verbos de cambio
Do you struggle with verbs of transformation in Spanish? Our stellar Spanish teacher Jaume will go through all the rules
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webinar linking words
Webinar: Linking words
In the first place, in other words, as a result… these help us connect ideas and speak in a more
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Webinar Verb gustar and hobbies
Webinar: Verb gustar and hobbies
Are you a beginner Spanish student? Get ready to learn how to use the verb gustar (to like) in our
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presente subjuntivo 2
Webinar: Presente Subjuntivo 2
It’s time for round 2 of Presente Subjuntivo! This webinar will go into more detail on one of the most
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Webinar: Perífrasis Verbales (Similar to Spanish Phrasal Verbs)
Phrasal verbs are usually two-word phrases consisting of verb + adverb or verb + preposition and these ‘perífrasis’ phrases are
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webinar presente de indicativo
Webinar: Presente de indicativo
This week’s class on Presente de indicativo is ideal for beginner Spanish students. We’ll be looking at how to conjugate
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