Spanish for businesses!

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With 427 million Spanish speakers spread our around the world, there has never been a more important time to ensure your staff are proficient Spanish communicators and are culturally competent.

With our objective and result based teaching, we ensure your staff can communicate and flourish professionally within the Spanish-speaking world. With individual and group classes with qualified, native tutors, our unique Virtual Classroom is open 24/7 and can be fully tailored by level and company objectives.

All business clients receive a comprehensive level test, concrete objectives and a schedule that fits around their working life.  HR receives regular reports of attendance and progress, as well as certification of level (as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Our aim is that your employees can talk in Spanish with confidence, pride and enthusiasm ensuring your business is heard, deals are made and relationships are build.

For more information email hola@on-espanol.com to organize a chat with our On-Español Business Advisor to find the program that fits the needs of your company.

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