Summer expressions in Spanish

Our students love to learn expressions and phrases in Spanish. Here we will cover some typical summer expressions in Spanish so you can make conversation in the warm months to come!

“Me estoy asando”: It literally means “I am roasting”. You’ll probably hear this a lot during the sweltering summer weather as it is the perfect way of saying that you are incredibly hot in an informal way.

“Estoy sudando como un pollo”: “I am sweating like a chicken”. It is also quite an informal expression, but people use it all the time to put emphasis on how warm they are.

“Hace un calor de perros”: This is another way of saying “hace muchísimo calor”. It means “It’s warm as dogs” and it is used when the heat is just unbearable.

“Hace un calor que no hay quien pare”: “Nobody can stop this heat”. This expression is used when it is incredibly warm and is a little bit dramatic!

“Pegar ojo”: This is another way of saying “to sleep” and it is frequently used when you actually can’t sleep. For example: “hacía tanto calor que no pegué un ojo”, “it was so warm that I couldn’t sleep at all”.

Summer expressions in Spanish 2

“Darte un chapuzón”: Spanish speakers use this expression as a synonym for swimming. “Me voy a dar un chapuzón”, “I’m going to go for a dip”.

“Hacer una escapada”: We use this expression to refer to a short trip. Imagine that you live in Madrid, but you want to go to the mountains for the weekend, then you can say “voy a hacer una escapada”.

“Terraceo”: This is definitely one of the most fun activities during the summer! “Terraceo” refers to the act of being on a terrace having drinks or food with some friends. “Me encanta ir de terraceo con mis amigos”, for example.

“Operación bikini”: This is a funny way of saying that the summer is coming and it is time to eat healthily and do sports in order to look good in a bikini.

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12th July 2017

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